Our Ambassador Program is a group of driven and creative individuals expressing their passions by creating and spreading the Shop Wavey Movement. 

Ashley S.

Growing up on the beach on Long Island, NY she grew a passion for the beachy vibes and sunshine. She loves a challenge where she can put her creativity to work. Shop Wavey encompasses her values and she aspires to make her dreams come true and help others make their dreams a reality.

Spencer G. 
•Brand Ambassador

Growing up living a Long Island lifestyle has influenced Spencer to incorporate different hobbies into his life. He showcases his passions through the brand. Ranging from Snowboarding, DJing and most importantly, Photography.

Lindsay T. 
•Brand Ambassador

Lindsay has spent her whole life with her toes in the sand. Whether it's along the North Shore of Massachusetts or the beaches in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Shop Wavey has become an essential piece to her everyday wardrobe and radiates her style everywhere she goes. 🤘🏼

Jamie S.                       
•Brand Ambassador           

Born and raised in Colorado, Jamie has had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the nature all throughout her life. Shop Wavey allows her to share the beautiful moments she catches, and inspire those around her

Brianna C.                       
•Brand Ambassador           

Growing up on beaches of Long Island, NY, she has grown a love for the beach & sunshine. She is majoring in fashion and hopes to set a fashion trend of her own one day. She loves to live life with good vibes while radiating with style. 

Alexxa L.
•Brand Ambassador

Growing up in the city of Chicago she was consistently inspired and mesmerized by the city life. She has a passion for music, dance, fashion, and social media. Most importantly, she loves to spend quality time with her friends and family. 

Janessa P.
•Brand Ambassador

Anywhere by the beach is her favorite place to be, but San Diego will always have her heart. Shop Wavey is something she wanted to be apart of because the brand has the same aspirations as she does herself. Janessa is excited to meet new people and spread good vibes all around.

•Brand Ambassador

JT is a photographer from East Brunswick, New Jersey. He is always on the go enjoying life and photographing wherever it takes him. He travels all over the east coast ranging from Sarasota Florida to Newport Rhode Island. He loves capturing each and every moment of his life and hopes to one day be able to travel the world. If you see him taking photos, you can catch him out in the waves surfing! In New Jersey, he is able to have beaches all over where he   enjoys his hobbies of surfing, skating, and photography!. 

Carlene B.
•Brand Ambassador

 Carlene Byrne an undergraduate student from southern Massachusetts. She is happiest when relaxing on White Horse Beach in Plymouth MA with her friends and family. She loves Shop Wavey  because of the beach vibes that it gives. Fun fact: her favorite accessory is a cute pair of sunglasses. 

Lauren D.
•Brand Ambassador

Born and raised in Southern California, she has practically grown up on the beach, which means that cool sunglasses are an essential piece to any outfit. Going to concerts and discovering new music are some of her favorite things to do. She also loves to travel and try new things.  Shop Wavey always reminds me of my home roots because of its ties to the sunny beaches. She loves to be active on all social media platforms and meet new people!

Madison F.
•Brand Ambassador

Madison currently resides in North Carolina and attending college for Fashion Retailing. She grew up traveling as much as possible.  Love's hiking and exploring, whether it be in the city or on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks. Individual style has always been important to her because it expresses who you are and what you do. Shop Wavey speaks to my love of adventure and all that it encompasses. 

Jon R.                     
•Brand Ambassador

Lifestyle & content creator born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. He loves to surf, hike, skate, and explore the island with friends and do extreme activities. Enjoys creating content of products with friends in unique places. 

Ashley R. 
•Brand Ambassador

Born and raised in Denver, Ashley has always lived around the great outdoors and been able to enjoy the mountains through hiking and skiing. With a passion for photography and fashion, Shop Wavey allows her to express her style in her favorite place, out in the sunshine. 

Sophia Ferrazza. 
•Brand Ambassador

Loves the sun and the beach. Going to the beach is her favorite place and of course having a cute pair of sunglasses is perfect! Loves being active on Instagram and YouTube. Social media is such a cool platform. Loves being part of the Shop Wavey team!

Dana G. 
•Brand Ambassador

Dana was born and raised in San Diego California. I’m a huge cliff jumper and an adventure seeker. She's always taking pictures. There isn’t a time you see her without her camera. Dana plans on moving to Hawaii to grow her adventures greater!

Olivia T. 
•Brand Ambassador

Resides in upstate New York just north of NYC. Since she was a little kid she has always spent her summers in Cape Cod and the Jersey Shore. Shop wavey reminds her of her favorite place to be which is the beach. The beach makes everyone happy and she wants to bring out the happiness in others. 

Joel N. 
•Brand Ambassador

A fashionable and creative video producer from Long Island. Spends a large amount of his time creating content for brands and local businesses. Wants to transition into producing short series' and ultimately movies.  

Nirbisha S.
•Brand Ambassador   

Born in Nepal, raised in Boulder,Co. She has a passion for photography, videography, and modeling. Has had the same dream since she was a little girl and now is finally chasing after them. Determined to live a life worth living. 

Alanna F. 
•Brand Ambassador

Straight out of New York, Alanna has always been about expressing her character with style. She is dedicated to spreading the movement and plans on milly rocking through the streets in a pair of Wavey's. She wants everyone to fleek their outfits with some poppin' shades. 

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